Company: Contra Band Music on Instant Analysis

Matrix Number: 4178 A 1038 / 4178 B IT1038

Release Date: December1974

Country: USA



a copy of side A of the Italian Joker LP THE BEATLES AND THE ROLLING STONES  AT THE RAREST





3. Paul intro ALL MY LOVING

4. Paul intro CAN'T BUY ME LOVE

Sound Quality: VG-mono


Source for Side B:

1 to 4: from  BACK IN 1964 AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL


The release of this record is difficult to understand. It was probably titled LIVE IN ITALY because Side A is the exact copy of side A of the Italian Joker LP, which actually contains a few songs from the Hollywood Bowl show plus some BBC material. So nothing from any Italian concert. Since the Joker LP had Rolling Stones material on Side B, CBM had the problem of finding some material for this release. The choice was to use four tracks of a live show, but unfortunately CBM chose the same bootleg from which the Italian live tracks were taken, the  version with a skip in Twist And Shout. The result is that Twist and Shout (with the skip), You Can't Do That and All My Loving from the Hollywood Bowl concert appear twice in this record... Moreover, with only these four tracks, side B is just about 9 minutes long. On the other hand, the drawing of the insert cover is probably one of the best ever made, a true masterpiece!


1. December 1974 (photo below the title). The first release came with an insert in"rainbow" effect, on a white jacket. The disc had the yellow Instant Analysis labels.

2. Early 1975. Further pressings had the orange Instant Analysis labels, and were at first released with the same insert, on a yellow jacket, and later a cheap version was produced, with the new insert in yellow paper with only title and the King Kong logo.

INTEREST. This is probably one of the worst bootlegs ever released, whose content is ridiculous. But it has a very attractive cover. Not common. **/*.

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