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LABEL: Lemon Records

MATRIX NUMBER: CSK 143 Side-1  / CSK 143 Side-2

RELEASE DATE: November, 1972


Source: Taken from the LIVE AT SHEA EP

This version of the Hollywood Bowl concert was produced in November, 1972 by a company calling itself Lemon Records (with an uncertain relationship to the Lemon Records that released GET BACK). This version omits the announcer's intro to the concert. Track 1 skips on the first groove and again after 18 seconds and If I Fell skips fourteen seconds in. This LP had the following issues:

1. November, 1972 (photo below the title). The record was distributed with a multicolored insert titled BACK IN 1964 AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL;  the custom Lemon Records labels had the number CSR-143.

The stampers were cut on November 9, 1972, the metal mothers were cut from the original masters on November 7, 1972 at the Raimbo pressing plants in Los Angeles.


2. 1973/1974. This one had the same multicolored insert as #1. In the later reissues the insert was printed in black and white, in a smaller size, and the disc had a generic label with small or big 1 / 2 side indications, similar to those used by Dittolino (these generic labels were available at the pressing plants) or plain white labels.


INTEREST. The 1972 release is not rare, but it is nevertheless interesting for collectors. The repressings are less valuable. ***/**

Copies of the original sleeve were used for a large number of records, derived from various masters.They are listed under the appropriate entry.

This record was copied by other bootleggers. See HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1964 for the TMOQ release.


The WCF group copied the Lemon record in 1974 on matrix #2027 A / 2027 B. The first version was described in sales lists as being produced by "Amazon Etcetra Records". The records were released in a folder-type cover with a California postcard printed on the front and the Lemon insert printed on the back. This one had blank labels which, as usual for this company, were merely other records' labels glued on backwards.


2. 1975. The masters of the WCF record were used by a company calling itself Berkeley Records. They released the record with a deluxe black and white printed cover titled BACK IN 1964 AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL. This came with either yellow, white or black Berkeley labels.


INTEREST. The WCF release is of interest only to completists (*), the Berkeley is one of the first bootlegs to have a "deluxe" cover, and thus it retains an historical interest (**)..

In 1987 the Lemon LP was copied again by a company calling itself Lemon Records on matrix CSR-143 A / CSR-143 B. This had a newly designed full color deluxe cover.

INTEREST. Another useless reissue. *.

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