2 EP set

label: Freedom Records

matrix: 1A / 1B // 2A / 2B

Release date: Late 1970

Country: UK


Side A

1. announcer's intro TWIST AND SHOUT 1:18


3. Paul intro ALL MY LOVING 1:58


Side B

4. John intro SHE LOVES YOU 2:12

5. George intro THINGS WE SAID TODAY 2:10



Side C

7. Paul intro CAN'T BUY ME LOVE 2:02

8. John intro IF I FELL 2:06



Side D

10. Paul intro BOYS 1:58

11. John intro A HARD DAY'S NIGHT 2:15

12. Paul intro LONG TALL SALLY 1:55


sound quality: EX, mono



1 to 12 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl – Aug. 23, 1964


Perhaps The Beatles' best-known (and only professionally recorded) concert, partly released by EMI in 1977. In 1975 Capitol announced the official release of this show, but then the project was shelved for years. Eventually George Martin was called in to remix both the 1964 and 1965 L.A. live appearances and produce the live official LP. An acetate copy of the master for the 1964 show reached the bootleggers, and here's the result, subsequently copied an indefinite number of times. It must be remembered that this show was originally confused with the Shea Stadium show – as the title of this record clearly shows.



The first appearance of this show was on a 2-EP set released by Freedom Records entitled LIVE AT SHEA (it must be remembered that in the first bootlegs this show was mistakenly confused with the Shea Stadium concert), with a cover featuring a peace symbol and having the matrix number 1A / 1B // 2A / 2B and labels with track listing.

A later repressing exists, with a new cover and blank labels.


INTEREST. An extremely important release from the historical point of view, not common. *****/****.



label: Kustom Rekords

Matrix number: SHEA-1 / SHEA-2 (first stampers)

Country: USA, UK


The first LP version was released in February 1971 by Kustom Rekords, catalogue ASC 002, and was mastered from a tape made off a worn copy of the 2-EP set. It skips at 36" of Can't buy me love and there are glitches between tracks 3 and 4 and between tracks 9 and 10. The original stampers of this LP were identified by the letters SHEA 1/2.

The catalogue number ASC 002, the identical layout of the labels between JUDY and LIVE AT SHEA, the very similar layout of the sleeve, all suggest a very close connection of the two records, which were probably distributed together, with Judy appearing to have been made for export to the UK/european market.

We have seen the following releases.

1. February 1971 (photo above). Printed cover titled LIVE AT SHEA, yellow labels with track listing (with fake titles). This  version mainly circulated in the UK.

2. February 1971. Same label and matrix as #1, blue or red rubber-stamped cover titled THE ONLY LIVE RECORDING - BEATLES 1964. Some copies had a further red rubber stamp saying COLLECTORS COPY!. This is how the album was distributed in the USA.


3. Spring 1971. Same labels and matrix as #1, pink insert featuring an outtake of the "Butcher Cover" photo session, titled on top right SHEA THE GOOD OLD DAYS.


4. May 1971. Pine Tree Records. Pine Tree labels with track listing, insert as #3, slightly degenerated or pinkish printed cover. This LP was pressed from new stampers, numbered SHEA-1 Δ S 2531 / SHEA-2 Δ S-2532.


5. 1972. No manufacturer indicated or Dittolino Records; same insert as #3, printed in various colors (blue, black and brown were seen) and more or less degenerated, sometimes of reduced size. Generic Dittolino labels as well as generic labels with small 1/2 or large 1/2 side indications or with big red A/B. Both of the two sets of stampers (SHEA-1 / SHEA-2 and SHEA-1 Δ S 2531 / SHEA-2 Δ S-2532) were available to the producers; they were used in all the possible combinations.


6. 1972. Dittolino discs, same insert with new title LAST LIVE SHOW and track index, Dittolino logo covering the old title; generic Dittolino labels, stampers SHEA-1 / SHEA - 2.

7. 1972. Rubber-stamped sleeve saying LAST LIVE SHOW, stampers SHEA-1 / SHEA-2, Dittolino labels.


8-9, 1972. Same insert as #3, Dittolino discs with a flyer from Wizardo Rekords with liner notes added, or new insert titled GET YER YEAH-YEAH'S OUT, generic labels with 1/2 side indication, stampers SHEA-1 / SHEA-2. As said by Mr. Wizardo in an interview from August 2020 published on the Pink Floyd bootleg site, there were about 500 extra copies of one of the Dittolino versions, that were sold to Wizardo, who quickly prepared the cover. From the interview: "... First and most importantly, we would get to design a new cover for the record, as we would be receiving them in plain white jackets. It would be our first record cover to say Wizardo Records. Secondly, we knew that the recording had nothing to do with "Shea Stadium". It was really a recording of The Beatles evening concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964. We knew this because one of our DJ friends at KYMS properly identified it. Not only had he been at the actual concert itself, but he had been at a 1964 Capitol Records Christmas party where a test pressing of a proposed legit version was played. We were proud that we would be the first bootleggers to correctly identify such an important concert. Both Larry and I were still living at home with our parents at this time, but we did most of our Wizardo business out of Larry's bedroom. This is where we were the night we designed the cover and insert for Live At The Hollywood Bowl. I cut out color head portraits of the lads from an old magazine, while Larry handled the rub-off lettering chores." So this is actually the first Wizardo release.


10. 1976. Mushroom Records. Insert titled HOLLYWOOD BOWL,  reproducing the TMOQ-smokin' pig "California postard" (see TMOQ releases) with the Mushroom logo replacing the TMOQ-smokin' pig logo, stampers SHEA-1 Δ S 2531 / SHEA-2 Δ S-2532, multicolored vinyl, back cover with Collector’s edition / Colored vinyl rubber stamp, Idle Mind labels, or black vinyl, blank labels.


11. September 1976. Wizardo records as KO Records. Old Glory labels, "Butcher Cover" insert with the series number KO 406 added on top left; stampers SHEA-1 Δ S 2531 / SHEA-2 Δ S-2532.


12. Early eighties. Great Live Concert Records. Blue insert titled BEATLEMANIA. LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1964, blue GLC label, stampers SHEA-1 / SHEA-2.

INTEREST. The first Kustom release is rare and highly valuable, as well as the rubber-stamped version (****). The Pine Tree and Dittolino releases are less interesting and quite common (***/**), the other reissues have a limited value  (**/*), excepting the Mushroom one in multicolored vinyl, nice and quite rare (***).



1972. The label FIGA Records released an album entitled LIVE AT THE SHEA STADIUM, blank label, matrix Figa 3-A / Figa 3-B. Two versions exist, one with FIGA Records written on cover, orange-printed song titles, yellow blank labels with reddish circles on outer part, and one with AER Records written on cover, white-printed titles, light blue labels with song titles. Some copies of this version had the printed S.I.A.E. indication (the Italian copyright collecting agency) on the label. There is a connection between the Dittolino and these releases. The FIGA release was made by the nephew of the distributor of the Dittolino records- This guy was also responsible for the Catso and Immaculate Conception record labels. These releases were noted for their fabricated black and white covers and high quality pressings. From Wizardo memories "Since H. and his nephew were Italian, the record labels were named after Italian swear words. H. took great delight in explaining the definition of each one. Over and over again. Anyhow, Dittolino Discs was the current catalog that the nephew was manufacturing and H. was the sole distributer. "Dittolino" means "little finger" and according to H., was much worse than giving someone the finger".


The Figa 3-A / Figa 3-B stampers were used for another record, probably released soon after the original issue, pressed by a company named 5D Records and titled THE SHEA STADIUM CONCERT. It was released in green vinyl with yellow labels.


1975. A counterfeited copy was released in Japan with matrix J 4 1 / J 4 2, with a slipsheet reproducing the pink insert of the Kustom release #2, with the addition of the song titles copied from the release #1 (written with mistakes, such as Can't furchase me and others).


August, 1980. A picture disc reproduced the "Butcher cover", titled THE BEATLES YESTERDAY AND TODAY, using matrix SHEA 1 / SHEA 2, but pressed from different masters. This was sold (unofficially, of course), at a Chicago Beatles convention.


INTEREST. All these releases have no interest (*), excluding the picture disc, rare, released for a Beatle Fest, thus with a high collectible value, particularly for those interested in this kind of records (***)



TMOQ-smokin' pig copied the Kustom Record version on matrix 1704 A / 1704 B, insert featuring the "California postcard", a collage of various postards and pictures, one of which gives another reference to Mr. Wizardo. It was titled HOLLYWOOD BOWL. This insert was used for several different records throughout the seventies, pressed from different stampers. Four releases have been examined, starting from early 1974 (although, considering the 1704 matrix number, it's possible that a 1973 release, on colored vinyl, exists as well).

1 early 1974. Insert printed in "rainbow" effect; a second insert with a drawing by William Stout is often glued to the back, black vinyl, b/w or colored (usually light blue) Smokin' pig labels.


2. late 1974. Same as #1, monochromatic slipsheet.

3. 1975. Same as  #1, TAKRL Side one / Side two generic labels

4. 1983. Reissue on new insert and from new stampers numbered TMQ 71065 A /  TMQ 71065 B with 1704 erased; smokin' pig colored labels.

5. mid eighties. Same insert as #1, same stampers as # 4, green Instant Analysis labels.

INTEREST. These releases have a very scarce interest. **/*