RELEASE DATE: March 1973


Source: From BACK IN 1964 AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL (Lemon Records)

The Lemon version of the Hollywood Bowl 1964 concert was copied by TMOQ on matrix BHB 115 A / BHB 115 B.

1. March 1973 (photo below the title). The metal masters were cut on March 2, 1973. Rubber stamped cover titled HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1964, with a round sticker with the "pig" logo, colored vinyl, White labels with pig.

2. June 1973. Same cover, square sticker, same label as #1 or black label with silver pig, insert featuring a William Stout drawing of "Paul as a pig" (parodying the McCartney LP), with number 71065 added, colored vinyl.

3. 1974/1975. Same cover and label as #1, black vinyl.

4. 1976. same as #3, insert renumbered S-208.


5. 1976. Mushroom records. The records with the "Mushroom" logo on the insert were realized by a bootlegger usually operating under a different name, who simply used the stampers available at the pressing plant; thus, the same insert titled HOLLYWOOD BOWL, originally produced by TMOQ-Smokin' Pig (see) was also used for  records derived from the SHEA-1 Δ S 2531 / SHEA-2 Δ S-2532 stampers (see Kustom Rekords and derived releases, issue #8). Black as well as multicolored vinyl, blank label.


6. 1979. Hoerweite Stereophonie labels, printed cover reproducing the Berkeley issue, black vinyl. The package included a true postcard of California.


7. 1980. POD labels, printed cover reproducing the "Paul as a pig" insert or insert reproducing the Lemon Records insert, black vinyl.

8. 1982. Colored dog & gun labels, colored vinyl; cover reproducing the Berkeley issue (see below).

9. 1986. Box Top version, titled ATLANTA WHISKEY FLAT, (after 1986 and 1987 the producers confused the stampers of "Hollywood Bowl" with those of "Atlanta Whiskey Flat") colored sleeve with photo glued on front, rubber stamped title, sticker with track listing on back, colored TMOQ labels, colored wax.


10. 1987. Deluxe full color laminated cover, mistitled LIVE IN ATLANTA GA. AUG 1964 WHISKEY FLAT, black vinyl and TMOQ labels.


11. March 1988. Same cover as #10, colored vinyl, Hawk/McLen labels (March 31,1988: 500 copies pressed).

12. November 1991. Copies of #11 were included on LIVE ON STAGE 1962-1966, a 5 LP box distributed in 150 copies.

INTEREST. The first TMOQ versions in colored vinyl have a good collectible value, particularly the first one (****/***). The remaining releases have a lower value, depending also if black or colored vinyl (***/*).

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