Label: TMOQ

Matrix Number: BGB 111 A - RI / BGB 111 B - RI

Release Date: July 1971

Country: USA

Source: Copy of GET BACK (Lemon Records) (excluding Across the Universe)

Sound Quality: VG-mono (left channel of the stereo only)


This is a mono copy of the Lemon Records GET BACK release, with the deletion of Across the Universe. It is a mono record that includes the left channel of the stereo issue only. Indeed the master tapes of this album, that we heard from the producer, were derived from the Lemon records and were excellent stereo, but the pressing plant was not equipped for stereo records, hence the metal masters were cut in mono reproducing the left channel only. We list some releases that we saw.


1. July 1971 (photo below the title). Rubber stamped title on colored cardboard sleeve, with round colored "pig" sticker, colored label with big side indications, colored vinyl. Various colors of sleeve, labels and vinyl exist; indeed, as the producer told us, each batch of records was pressed in a variety of different colors, even the same day. Some copies has square labels, we cannot determine whether these were used together with the round labels. Other records by TMOQ released in July 1971 has the same square labels.

2. late 1971 and 1972. From late 1971 throughout 1972 the releases had the same sleeve, colored vinyls, white labels with rings or, in late 1972, white labels with black pig.

3. January 1973. Same cover as #1, white label with black pig, insert cover added, colored vinyl.

4. June 1973. same as # 2, insert numbered 71024, sleeve with square silver or gold sticker, black or dark green label with silver pig. Colored vinyl.


5. 1974. Sleeve as #1, colored vinyl, white label with small black pig and "Made in Holland" indication.


6a. 1974. Same insert as #3, sleeve as #1, orange label with track listing and big pig label on the other side, black vinyl.


6b. 1974. Some of the records with the labels of #6a were distributed in a special sleeve with TMOQ drawings.


7. 1977. New insert cover titled GET BACK SESSIONS, colored or multicolored vinyl, no label.


8. 1978. Ruthless Rhymes label, insert titled GET BACK reproducing the Lemon Records "Rooftop" slipsheet, without the Lemon logo; the copies pressed on colored vinyl had the indication "Collector's edition" added to the slipsheet. Some copies from the stampers BGB-111 had blank labels and the insert still with the Lemon logo, whereas other had aninsert derived from RENAISSANCE MINSTRELS with the title written in the lower part. This last insert was also used for a reissue of KUM BACK derived from the S-1 / S-2 stampers on the GLC labels (see here).


9. Early 1980. Small insert as #7, black vinyl, POD labels. A hundred copies were pressed on April 1, 1980 as indicated on  the sleeve of the mothers from which the new stampers were cut.


INTEREST. Although of distinctly lower quality than the original source, the first releases in colored vinyl, as with all the TMOQ, maintain a high collectible value. ****/***. The later reissues are worthless. *.


TMOQ-smokin' pig released this record in early 1973, using stampers derived from the BGB-111-RI masters, with the old numbers erased and 1801 A / 1801 B added.

1. Early 1973. The insert was  copied from the TMOQ slipsheet with the pig logo replaced by the smokin' pig logo; colored vinyl, white label with TMOQ-smokin' pig logo.


Early 1974. A new pressing had black vinyl and colored TMOQ-Smokin' pig labels; same insert as #1


New mothers and stampers were cut on Nov. 7, 1974; these have also the numbers 1801 scratched and TMQ-71024 A / TMQ-71024 B added. These records were pressed at the Los Angeles 'Rainbo' pressing plant, with the single ring at 33 mm from the central hole.


These stampers were used in November 1974 for a release on black vinyl, colored TMOQ-smokin’ pig label, and again in 1983, with a new insert cover, on black vinyl and colored TMOQ-smokin' pig label.

INTEREST. Not as interesting as the first TMOQ release, but the pressings from early 1973 in colored vinyl retain some interest. ***/*


Wizardo records copied the TMOQ album in spring 1976, on an LP titled GET BACK SESSIONS STUDIO OUTAKES, matrix WRMB-352 A / WRMB-352 B. This is by far the worst copy of the "Get Back Sessions" ever produced. It is taken from a TMOQ record in noticeably decreased sound quality; moreover, it lacks the last two tracks and has Let it be abruptly interrupted after 2:48. Three issues have been seen:


1. spring to late 1976. insert numbered WRMB 320, printed in pink or white paper, yellow / green El' Wizardo label with multicolored vinyl or red Wizardo Re-issue series or Cat'n'Dog labels with black vinyl (this last one was released in late 1976).


3. 1977. New stampers with WRMB-352 scratched and the TMOQ-smokin' pig record number 73201 added, insert reproducing the Lemon Record "rooftop" cover, green "Von Grossenshush" label with fake titles in German language.


INTEREST. The Wizardo versions in colored and multicolored vinyl have a good collectible value ***. The other releases are worthless. *.


The Japanese company ZAP records (not to be confused with the US company with the same name) released this material in the early 80’s on album titled GET BACK (ZAP 1060), black vinyl, Company Sessions Records, b&w laminated cover.

INTEREST. Completely useless reissue. *.


Another copy of this record was released in 1976 together with a copy of GET BACK SESSIONS 2 (VIRGIN PLUS THREE); in this record the two TMOQ records were squeezed onto a single LP, which bore Idle Mind labels, matrix / TMQ 71068 A.B / TMQ-71024 A.B. The first track of side 1 is The Long and Winding Road, lifted from side 2, where there was not enough space. This record came with two yellow-orange inserts, one with the "phonograph" cover and the second reproducing the VIRGIN PLUS THREE insert or, alternatively, with a light blue insert with the "phonograph" cover and the second insert in orange-pink paper reproducing the original MORE GET BACK SESSIONS cover.


INTEREST. Another record useful only for completists. *.