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Company: TMOQ

Matrix Number: BHB 118-A / BGB-118-B (with H erased)

Release Date: April 1973

Country: USA



In April 1973, TMOQ released a copy of one of the first Beatles bootlegs released, MORE GET BACK SESSION, originally appeared in Spring, 1971. The TMOQ master was produced on March 29, 1973, as indicated on the sleeves of the metal masters. As the producer told us, "The "Virgin + Three" title came from William Stout. My title was to be "Get Back Sessions 2". He thought that was too boring, so he made up his own title on the cover artwork. "



April 1973 (photo below the title). The first pressing of this version by TMOQ came with the usual jacket made of strong cardboard, in various colors, with a square, gold colored sticker; the disc was on colored vinyl, as usual. Various colors, green, yellow, blue with an orange splash, were seen; more surely exist. An insert with a drawing by William Stout featuring John and Yoko represented as pigs was added and the disc had the black label with a silver pig. Some later pressings, probably distributed around June 1973, had a yellow jacket with Stout's drawing directly printed on the back. These version had still the disc on colored vinyl with the black label with a silver pig as in the first release. From September 1973 the records on colored vinyl had the white label with a black pig. These were always distributed with the yellow printed jacket, but the sticker was round. In 1974 the records turned to black vinyl, yellow jacket with Stout's drawing printed on the back or, when the producer ran out of these, normal jackets with the insert printed on bluish paper; the sticker was round.


October 1979. The K&S version, limited pressing in green or multicolor vinyl. 200 copies were pressed on October 18, 1979, as indicated by a date stamped on the sleeve of the mothers and a sticker. The discs were released with a new insert, and they had white blank labels or a fake Kornyfone label one one side and a pink Great Live Concert label on the other side, and were pressed at the Lewis plant. The entire K&S catalogue had a sad fate: almost all titles were busted, confiscated and most were destroyed in the big bust of 1980. Surviving copies were "rescued" after they were returned to the bustee a year or so later (bootlegs weren't technically illegal in Canada). Only a handful of copies of many titles escaped destruction, but some titles were destroyed in their entirety. This is one of the titles that escaped the bust, at least for some of the copies.


1980. The last pressing of these masters dates to 1980, when a batch of records were distributed on the POD blue label. This release had a normal white jacket with the original drawing by Stout on an insert.


INTEREST. Although less interesting compared to other titles in the TMOQ production, the first pressing retains the usual value of the company's releases (***); subsequent releases are less significant, particularly those on black wax (**/*). The K&S version, like all K&S records, is highly sought after, owing to their scarcity (****).

This record was squeezed, together with THE GET BACK SESSION, into a single LP by Idle Mind Productions (here).


In late 2009 this record was counterfeited with a pressing of 200 numbered copies, with the original cover directly printed on the front of the jacket, and Stout's drawing printed on the back, with the addition of a sticker with the copy's number. The disc was on multicolored vinyl and the label had the indications SPLP1000 A and SPLP1000 B on a photo of a wheat field. The matrix was machine impressed, J K   A / J K   B with the letters inscribed over a series of  tiny little rhombic losenges.


INTEREST. Completely useless production. *

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