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Company: Contra Band Music

Matrix Number: WEC RI-3670-A / WEC RI-3670-B

Release date: June 1973

Country: USA



2. LEND ME YOUR COMB (incomplete) 1:44

3. CAROL 2:32





6. I FEEL FINE 2:11

7. Paul intro I'M DOWN 2:16

8. Ringo intro ACT NATURALLY 2:32


10. George intro YESTERDAY 2:05

11. John intro HELP! 2:26


Sound Quality: mono (see individual sources). The overall sound quality is generally very low for all the songs.



1: unknown group (F) (no Beatles involvement)

2, 3: BBC radio "Pop go the Beatles'' July 16, 1963 (P)

4, 5: from "Let it be'' soundtrack (G-P)

6 to 11: CBS TV "Ed Sullivan show'', September 12, 1965 (F)


Peace of Mind (also known as The Candle Burns) is the name given to a song of unknown origin that was reputed to be a Beatles demo, recorded in May-June 1967. This track reappeared in (relatively) better quality on DR. ROBERT and ANGEL BABY (the latter is a Lennon bootleg), by Wizardo Rekords. As no copyright, claim of ownership, recollection, or documentation about the song has ever been uncovered, its connection with the Beatles remains speculative. Peace of Mind far pre-dates its appearance on bootleg in 1973. One of the authors of this web site (D.S.) has a tape from WUSF-FM recorded in late 1969 where they play it, and the DJ claims he’s been playing it every year since 1967. It's surely not by The Beatles, and we don’t think we’ll ever learn who it REALLY is, since the people who made it were probably a bunch of non-talented nobodies. The following remark was published in the website theamazingkornyfonelabel:

"on Youtube, someone named “Walton Jones” has posted the same text under several clips of the song: “It’s title is really “Piece of Mind.” I know because I wrote it and played it in 1970-71. All overdubs of myself, on an old Wollensak tape deck. Someone got ahold of the tape and sold it to someone in 1972 or 1973 claiming it to be a rare Beatles tune. It isn’t. It’s me. Sorry to disappoint. I suppose a voice print could prove it.”. We report it here for the sake of completeness, but it is again a fake assumtion, since the tape was available long before the date reported by this Walton Jones.

More interesting are the other tracks, all unreleased at the time (excluding track 10, available in L.S. BUMBLE BEE). Unfortunately, they were all derived from a tape of very poor sound quality, and all resurfaced in better quality in the eighties.


1. June, 1973 (photo below the title). The CBM company did not produce any custom label for this record, they used instead the available generic labels in various combination, such as labels in soft bluish or yellowish paper with A/B side indication, in upper or lower case, sometimes jumbled with blank white or colored labels. The insert had a Let it be era photograph, printed blue for the first batch of records, track listing and the CBM disc logo.

1973. Throughout the remaining part of 1973 the insert was blue or black, but copies distributed in September 1973 had alternatively an insert in blue paper, so that the photo was totally unreadable. The labels reproduced below were used in July and August (blank white or colored, orange, red-brownish, purple and green were seen, some of these records were distributed in a folder-type jacket), and in September (yellow with disc logo and side indication). This last issue was distributed either with an insert in black ink or the one in blue paper. The 1973 releases on blank white label can be distinguished from those produced in 1974 and 1975 for the inner ring at 7 mm from the central hole (those pressed in 1974 and 1975 had the inner ring at 12 mm, or a single ring at 31 mm).


From 1974 to 1976. This record did not have the large number of repressing as other CBM releases. All the records had the same insert, usually printed black, with the number 3670 added on bottom right. In middle 1974 the labels were green with black pirate, in 1975 white blank, in 1976 red with black pirate.

INTEREST. This record, whose sound quality is particularly poor, can be interesting only for collectors of Beatles bootlegs. Hence, only the first batches released in June-August 1973 can have some value (***/**). All the other repressings are useless *.


1974. As with the other CBM records released in 1973, the WCF company produced their own counterfeit, included in the series that was at the time known as released from the company "Amazon Etcetra", on a folder-type jacket with the same cover of the CBM relase, usually the CBM disc logo was erased, printed on front and another image printed on back. The record had a white blank label that actually is another record's label glued on reverse. PEACE OF MIND was from matrix 2009A X / 2009B X, and ALAGA can be read in the label.


1975. A new b/w insert was used for a repressing. Blank white label glued on reverse.


INTEREST. Useless *.

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