Company: Contra Band Music

Matrix Number: WEC 3626-A / WEC 3626-B

Release Date: February 1973

Country: USA



1. THE L.S. BUMBLE BEE  2:25


3. dialogue MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER (practice) 0:37 - MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER (edited) 1:33

4. TWO OF US 1:35


6. dialogue & chord practice I'VE GOT A FEELING 1:15

7. OH! DARLING 0:12

8. dialogue ONE AFTER 909 0:58

9. dialogue ACROSS THE UNIVERSE 1:18

10. DIG A PONY 0:56 dialogue




12. DON'T LET ME DOWN 0:45

13. SUZY'S PARLOUR (incomplete) 0:44

14. George intro YESTERDAY 1:57

15. LOVE OF THE LOVED (edited) 3:00

16. HEY JUDE 0:10 dialogue & riffs

17. count-in ST. LOUIS BLUES 0:11

18. HEY JUDE (rehearsals) 4:40 dialogue

19. dialogue & count-in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (incomplete) 3:32


Sound quality: VG-mono



1: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, 1967

2 to 10,13: from "Let it be'' soundtrack

11,12: Apple Studios, January22, 1969

14: CBS TV "Ed Sullivan show'', September12, 1965 (G)

15: Decca Studios, Jan 1, 1962 (edited) (F)

16 to 18: EMI Studios, July 30,1968 (G)

19: EMI Studios, June 25, 1967, from  BBC TV "Our world'' satellite telecast


The companion of HAVE YOU HEARD THE WORD, CBM 3624, in fact labelled as Volume two. The title-track was believed to be a Beatles outtake; actually, it was composed and recorded by British comedians Peter Cook & Dudley Moore in 1967. Side A features some more tracks from "Let it be'' soundtrack (soon to appear in complete form on another CBM release). The most interesting items are those on side B: tracks 11 and 12, an excerpt from the "Get back'' promo LP, and tracks 14 and 15, the first chance to hear a 1965 Ed Sullivan show track and a Decca audition track respectively, although this last one is extra-long with verses repeated (3:00 instead of 1:42). Also interesting are tracks 16 and 17, both later reappearing in improved sound quality (although Hey Jude is most complete on this record).


Similarly to the first volume, also this record had a long series of repressings.

1. February, 1973 (photo below the title). The first pressing followed the same style of HAVE YOU HEARD THE WORD, a full-size insert, with title written oblique, printed blue. The label, in light blue or yellowish paper, had the record title written in several lines all over the surface.

1973. Throughout the entire year the repressings had the same full-size insert printed blue. The labels here illustrated were used, from left to right, upper row, in March-April, and early summer; those in the lower row were used in  September (orange) and October. From the October 1973 release (blue label) the company used a different pressing plant, characterized by the inner ring at 12 mm from the central hole, rather than at 7 mm as in the first pressing plant.

1974-1976. From early 1974 to 1976 the company used a red-printed insert, always full-size. In January and February 1974 the label was white with red pirate. The subsequent pressings had a green label with pirate, this record used the jacket with the J. Fish drawing on back (spring 1974), and a yellow label with pirate (from summer 1974) or white blank labels. In 1975 the labels were blank white or red with King Kong, and in 1976 the red label with pirate was used.

INTEREST. The first pressing is historically interesting and has a good collectible value (***), the other early pressings, up to October 1973, are interesting (**), the later pressings have scarce value (*).

Side A of this record was repressed in September 1976 on Side B of the compilation BUMBLE WORDS - SUPER STUDIO SERIES 3. This LP featured on Side A a repressing of Side A of HAVE YOU HEARD THE WORD, CBM 3624.


The WCF company released also this record from 1974.

1. 1974. Folder-type jacket, front cover printed in blue, with the CBM disc logo badly erased; back cover with a printed drawing of the Beatles. Usual label for another record glued on reverse, matrix number 3426 A / 3426-B.

1975. New b&w insert, usual blank label.

INTEREST. For completists *.


The title track was coupled with What's the New Mary Jane (from the CBM THE NEVER RELEASED MARY JANE) on a 7" very rare single pressed in 300 copies on red vinyl with black specks. It was released in November 1976 by Lou Cohan, the producer of Hoffman Avenue Records, with b/w printed sleeve, printed label, matrix FF-101 A / FF 101 B.

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