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PARIS '65 (Wizardo Records)


Company: Wizardo record

Matrix Number: WRMB 335-A / WRMB 335-B

Release Date: early 1976

Country: USA



Paris, Palais des Sports, June 20, 1965, evening show, minus I Wanna Be Your Man


Paris Sports Palais, June 20, 1965, afternoon show, minus Can't Buy Me Love and Baby's in Black

Very probably copied from the CBM releases  MORE BEATLES - LIVE PARIS OLYMPIA and PALAIS SPORTS PALAIS with the deletion of some tracks.


Although this record bears the same matrix number of the 12-song LP PARIS SPORTS PALAIS (a Wizardo reissue of the CBM release), this record features both the shows (incomplete). The matrix was made at the Rainbow plants, whereas the other LP was produced at the Lewis plants.

The slipsheet claims this is CD-4 QUAD STEREO, when in fact it's a crappy mono copy of the two 1973 CBM bootlegs, and the two shows are not complete.


1. Early 1976. (photo below the title). The first release came with the light blue labels typical of the records pressed in the first half of 1976 at the Rainbow plants.

2. Summer 1976. BEATLEMANIA. The company repressed these masters for a new version, titled BEATLEMANIA, released with an insert printed in yellow paper, with a trck listing with wrong indications for side B. It was pressed ad the Rainbow plant, narrow ring at 33 mm from the spindle hole.

NOTE. In late 1976 the company used the same BEATLEMANIA insert for a copy of the LP featuring only the afternoon show, PARIS SPORTS PALAIS 1965. This version has blank white labels and was pressed at the Lewis plant, 2 mm wide ring at 31 mm from the spindle hole.


INTEREST. This record is only interesting for completist collectors. *

NOTE. The record PARIS '65 on the "new" Instant Analysis label, released in 1985, is a different record and will have its own entry. The record PARIS '65, part of The Max Hammer Collection is a repressing of the TMOQ- Smokin' Pig THE BEATLES

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