Company Contra Band Music

Matrix Number: WEC 3688-A / WEC 3688-B

Release Date: June 1973

Country: USA




2. SHE'S A WOMAN 2:48

3. George intro TICKET TO RIDE 3:04

4. Paul intro CAN'T BUY ME LOVE 2:07

5. Paul intro I'M A LOSER 2:26



6. Paul intro I WANNA BE YOUR MAN 2:09

7. John intro A HARD DAY'S NIGHT 2:31

8. I FEEL FINE (finale only) :03

9. John intro BABY'S IN BLACK 2:13

10. George intro ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC 1:58


12. Paul intro LONG TALL SALLY 1:58


Sound Quality: VG-mono



1 to 12: Paris, Palais des Sports, June 20.65, evening show


A companion release to SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM. This obviously cannot be a 1964 show, as written on the insert. The evening show recorded in Paris during the 1965 European tour was broadcast by ORTF (French TV), and this is the source for this bootleg. In the film the songs were mixed in a different order from the actual performance. This is the first appearance of this concert, later to be released in more complete form and excellent sound quality.


1. June, 1973 (photo below the title). The first pressing came with a full-size insert, printed blue-greenish, with title and track listing, and the CBM disc logo. The show was mistakenly indicated as January 1964. The labels were on light blue or yellowish soft paper, or the two jumbled, with Shalom writing on top and side indications written with the fonts used at the time, and "LIVE AT THE PARIS OLYMPIA" title and "THE BEATLES".

Summer-fall, 1973. Throughout summer and early fall 1973 the record had a few repressings, that can be dated according to the generic labels used: white labels with a 1" colored bar where used in July-August, 1973 and dark yellow-orange labels were used in September, 1973. All these summer 1973 releases have the pressing marking with the inner ring at 7 mm from the central hole and the vinyl is slightly flexible, light and of good quality. The insert was always greenish full-size.

Late 1973-1974. From late 1973 the company used the new pressing plant, with the inner ring at 12 mm from the central hole and heavier vinyl. In December, 1973 and early 1974 the labels were brilliant yellow with side indication, in January, 1974 the records were distributed with a brownish inner sleeve. From March, 1974 blank labels were used, always with the brown inner sleeve. The jacket had the Fish drawing printed on the back cover. Later  copies released in 1974 had the yellow label with black pirate, part of them had still the jacket with the Fish drawing, part the usual white jackets.

1975-1976. In 1975 most of the known pressings were released with blank white labels and the insert was printed in yellow, whereas in 1976 they had the red label with black pirate, and again greenish printed insert.

INTEREST. The first pressing is surely interesting, also historically, since the record represents the first appearance of the Paris concert (***). The records released in 1973 from the original pressing plant and with the greenish insert retain some value (**), whereas the other reissues are for completists (*).

Side A reappeared on the CBM compilation COMPLETE ITALY<<>>PARIS - SUPER LIVE CONCERT SERIES 3.


1975. The japanese company JL Records produced their counterfeit of the CBM record, with the reproduction of the insert directly printed with green ink on the jacket, with the number 526 printed on bottom right. The record had blank labels and the matrix number is JL 526 A / JL 526 B.

INTEREST. Mainly interesting for the japanese market, and for completists. **

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