Company: TMOQ

Matrix Number: OPD 19-70417F / OPD 67-2 - 70418F

Release Date: October 1970

Country: USA



1. Intro TWIST AND SHOUT 1:20


3. Paul intro ALL MY LOVING 2:05

4. John intro SHE LOVES YOU 2:18

5. George intro THINGS WE SAID TODAY 2:13




7. Paul intro CAN'T BUY ME LOVE 2:04

8. John intro IF I FELL 2:13


10. Paul intro BOYS 2:01

11. John intro A HARD DAY'S NIGHT 2:19

12. Paul intro LONG TALL SALLY 1:57

Sound quality: VG mono


Source: Philadelphia Convention Hall September 2, 1964


The TMOQ company released this concert in October 1970 from a tape of slightly inferior quality compared with ALIVE AT LAST by Walrus records appeared a few days before). The end of Roll Over Beethoven lacks some extra dialogue. This was the first Beatles bootleg to be released by TMOQ, and was produced before the company decided to use that name. As the producer told us. he received the tape without any information about the source, thus he had a joke referring this show to a smalltown in Califormia named "Whiskey Flat", where his Grandmother lived. See more details on the comments for ALIVE AT LAST.  Pressings examined:

1. October 1970 (photo below the title). Pre-TMOQ pressing; white cardboard jacket with pale green rubber-stamped title IN CONCERT AT WHISKEY FLAT. The rubber stamp, in all copies we saw, is extremely pale, sometimes barely readable. Copies seen were on pink labels with big colored 1/2 side indications, but labels in other colors may exist, colored vinyl (very dark purple and green were seen). The masters for this record were cut on October 3, 1970.


2. Early 1971. First TMOQ issue. Cardboard jacket with purple rubber-stamped title IN ATLANTA WHISKEY FLAT and with round colored sticker featuring the "pig" logo; same labels as #1 in various colors, colored vinyl, again various colors.

3. early 1972. Same as # 2, white labels with black lines.

4. summer 1972. Same as # 3, with insert added.

5. late 1972 to 1973. Same as # 3, white label with pig

6. Summer 1973. Insert numbered 71007, colored or black label with silver pig.

7. 1974. White label with "Made in Holland" and small pig. Mr. Pigman told us some nice stories about this label, see the link.

All releases from #1 to #7 were pressed in colored vinyl.

8. 1974. Black vinyl; label with «Volume 1» indication and track listing, pig pig on reverse.

9. 1975/1977. Same as above; inserts were renumbered S-201. Labels varied, in 1975 generally the records had the white label with pig, but repressing produced in 1977 often used weird labels, found among left-over stocks at the pressing plant.

10. 1978. Ruthless Rhymes label, insert cover, black vinyl; copies on colored vinyl have probably been released as well.

INTEREST. The first, pre-TMOQ  pressing is quite rare and highly interesting. *****. The repressings are quite common, yet still the records in colored vinyl retain a good collectible value, that is reduced in the later versions. ****/**

The LP ATLANTA WHISKEY FLAT by BoxTop Records does NOT contain this performance but is instead a repressing of the TMOQ "Hollywood Bowl" bootleg (matrix BHB-115). This mistake was repeated on a reissue on Hawk/McLen or TMOQ labels with a full color laminated cover..


TMOQ-smokin' pig pressed this concert in early 1973, from new stampers derived from the original OPD 19 / 67-2 master with old numbers crossed and 1824 added; issues:

1. 1973. Same label as TMOQ's white with pig, the pig drawing replaced by the smokin' pig logo; colored or black vinyl, same insert as the TMOQ version # 4

2. late 1973 or early 1974. Same as above, blue or yellow blank label, black vinyl.

3. 1976/1977. Same as above, Smokin' pig labels in various color, black as well as colored vinyl. These repressings, and those realized in the early eighties, were produced from new stampers, derived from the 1824 mothers with all old numbers crossed and TMQ-71007 added.

4. 1983. New insert retitled ALIVE AT LAST IN ATLANTA, Smokin' pig labels in various colors, black or colored vinyl, same stampers as #3


5. 1984. Same as above, LXXXIV series, 100 numbered copies pressed on magenta vinyl, GLC label.

6. 1984. New insert titled LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA,  yellow blank label. This is the only record that reports Philadelphia as the venue of the concert.

INTEREST. The TMOQ Smokin' pig are fairly interesting, of course those in colored vinyl are more valuable for collectors. ***/*


A new release was pressed in 1986, derived from the TMOQ record, on matrix TNT 70418 1/ TNT 2YI 830 04. This was titled IN CONCERT AT WHISKEY FLAT and sported a deluxe laminated color cover.

INTEREST. Useless record. *



A copy of the TMOQ  issue #2 was released by JL records in 1975, machine printed matrix JL-1003 A / JL-1003 B, printed cover with printed sticker and stamp, counterfeited 1/2 labels, black vinyl.

INTEREST. Scarcely interesting, excepting for completists. **

Another counterfeit was released in the early seventies. It is similar to the JL release, but does not have the reproduction of the pig sticker, and the label is not precisely counterfeiting the TMOQ label. Its matrix is 70417 A / 70418 B.

INTEREST. This record is scarcer that the JL counterfeit, but nevertheless its main interest is for completists. **

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