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Company: No manufacturer indicated

Matrix Number: XCQ 1A - A-HAHA / XCQ 1B - B-HOHO

Country: USA

Release date: Late 1970


This album seems to be a kind of compilation taken from several different previously released records. It's possible that some tracks were sourced from GB, "Dig It" is taken from the SILVER ALBUM, and other tracks seem to be derived from GET BACK TO TORONTO. This is a sonically unpleasant reissue of the "Get Back" acetate, mastered too slow, with a poor quality sound, and with gaps here and there. It even reproduces the noise of the turntable arm going up and down in-between the songs! 


This LP was released with a cheap slipsheet featuring some shots from the Get Back book, handwritten title and track listing, and "XCQ-1" added on the top left. It came with orange blank labels (see photo above). Less rare are copies with a white cover, without the insert, and with plain orange or, in a later repressing, white labels.

INTEREST. Even though this LP is musically useless, with a cheap insert, and with a poor sound, this is a rare bootleg, historically important for collectors. ****

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