(As Sweet As You Are)

label: Contra Band Music


see DON'T PASS ME BY for track listing.


stampers used for side A:

A: CBM 2C1      

B: CBM 2C1 RI3316C    

C: CBM 2C1 RI3316C with RI (scratched out)

stampers used for side A:

A: CBM 2D1       

B: CBM 2D1 RI3316D     

C: CBM 2D1 RI3316D with RI (scratched out)


The second record of DON'T PASS ME BY was released as a single LP, entitled YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD, with an insert derived from a previous version of the record pressed by the so-called WCF company. These are only the issues that we've seen - more probably exist.


1. Spring, 1973. (photo below the title) The earliest version has a printed insert reproducing the "WCF/Yellow Records" slipsheet in a reduced size, with a CBM "disc" logo added and generic labels in various colors. The stampers are A/A (see above).

2. Mid, 1973. This has the same insert as #1, blank white or colored labels and stampers A/C.


3. December, 1973 / January, 1974. This also has the same insert as #1, with white labels featuring a red comet, a brown paper inner sleeve and stampers B/B.


4. Early, 1974. This sleeve has a J. Fish drawing on the back, the same insert as #1, once again a brown paper inner sleeve and white blank labels. The stampers are B/B.


5. Summer, 1974. This also has the same insert as #1, with yellow generic labels. The stampers are B/B.


6. Late 1975. A new insert this time with a large King Kong logo and number and blank labels. The stampers are B/B.


7. Early 1976. The same insert as #6, red label with black pirate, and stampers B/B.


8. September, 1976. This one has a new insert reproducing a 1963 issue of the New Musical Express. It's noted as "Super Studio Series Vol. 4", and has a "globe" Shalom label. The stampers on this one are at present unknown.


A copy of the CBM issue, with a reproduction of the original cover directly printed in black and white on the sleeve, was distributed in Japan by JL Records in 1975 (JL1005).

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