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Country: USA

Release date: March, 1970

Label: Catso Records

Matrix numbers: SIDE-ONE / SIDE-TWO

Sound quality: VG-stereo, surface noise.


In March, 1970 Catso Records released A STUDIO RECORDING, an album which included some of the "Get Back" sessions tracks in the following sequence (compared to KUM BACK):


side A: 3, 1, 6, 7, 10

side B: 4, 5, 9, Across the Universe.


This LP seems to be derived from a tape source and not from another record. The producers were Italian guys living in Los Angeles, and were also responsible for the Dittolino discs. Here some comments from Wizardo: "At some point in our business relationship H. tore himself away from the TV long enough to fill us in on who he was, and how he got all those bootlegs. Turns out, his nephew was the guy who made the Catso, Figa, and Immaculate Conception record labels. These releases were noted for their fabricated black and white covers and high quality pressings. Since H. and his nephew were Italian, the record labels were named after Italian swear words. Harry took great delight in explaining the definition of each one."


The only known release had a blank white cover, red labels with the title and track index. As usual for the time, some of the songs were mistitled.

INTEREST. A rare record. ****

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