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Company: no manufacturer indicated

Matrix Number: @W LIPSON A 12958 / @W LIPSON B 12958

Release Date: Late '69/Early '70

Country: USA


Side A

1. dialogue ONE AFTER 909 (w/false start) 3:07


3. DON’T LET ME DOWN (w/ false start) dialogue 3:52

4. dialogue DIG A PONY (w/ false start) dialogue 4:09

5. I’VE GOT A FEELING dialogue 2:50

6. Dialogue & count-in GET BACK dialogue 3:01

Side B

7. Dialogue FOR YOU BLUE (w/ 2 false starts) dialogue 2:52

8. TEDDY BOY dialogue 3:43

9. TWO OF US dialogue MAGGIE MAE. 4:11

10. DIG IT dialogue 5:20

11. Dialogue LET IT BE 4:10



Source. An early mix of the GET BACK album.

Sound Quality: Ex mono (one channel-only of the original stereo mix)


This LP is particularly interesting because it represents the only full-length issue of an undocumented version of the unreleased GET BACK LP, containing a few more seconds after the song Get Back and various small edits here and there and compiled in early May '69. It includes a longer version of Dig It compared with other releases of the time and the complete, unedited version of For You Blue.

The unreleased GET BACK LP was known since the mid seventies (after the Wizardo and Kornyphone records); it was mixed at EMI on May 28th, 1969. The differences of the mix which originated O.P.D. are the following:

TRACK 7, Get Back.

            The O.P.D. mix has the original unedited version with a longer coda unavailable elsewhere.

            The May 28th mix has the officially released version (45 mix), which is the same O.P.D. version, with the coda from another take edited onto the ending.

TRACK 12, Dig It

            The O.P.D. mix is over 5 minutes long, on the promo GET BACK it clocks at 4’20". Compared with the longest available version, this edit of Dig It starts at 1’56’’ and lacks the following segments, probably edited at EMI during the mixing: from 2’18’’ to 2’57’’, from 5’56’’ to 6’26’’ and from 7’05’’ to 7’33’’.

TRACK 13, Let it be (take 27).

            The May 28th mix is the same as the O.P.D. mix, plus the "Are we supposed to giggle in the solo" spoken intro (from take 23) edited onto the beginning.

This undocumented early mix of the GET BACK album was first aired on September 20, 1969 by WKBW in Buffalo (from a tape they apparently had obtained from a Toronto radio station).

Thanks to the research of contributors to Belmo’s Beatleg News fanzine, we know that by mid-october tape copies had reached Cincinnati, where, according to a high school paper, a fourth generation copy of the tape was in the possession of a local FM radio station; and Detroit, a staff-writer of the Free Press reporting to have heard the yet unreleased GET BACK album on an «unmixed tape» and commenting the line-up track by track.


1.Late '69/Early '70. The exact release date of this record remains unknown. The title obviously draws from the notorious “Paul is dead” conspiracy theory and would hint to a potential November or December ’69 release date, the rumour having started spreading in mid–october and reaching its peak with Life magazine dedicating its cover and main story to the subject (issue dated Nov 7, ’69).

The LP came in a plain white cover with the title rubber-stamped in red and blank white labels.

INTEREST: O.P.D. is one of the rarest Beatles bootlegs ever. Possibly  pressed in an extremely limited run, it never entered wide circulation and, unlike all other early titles, was not instantly rebootlegged.


Given its rarity and its "core collection" status, it is the most sought-after Beatles bootleg by collectors. ***** plus

A supposed second pressing, with blue-purple printed title and containing three more songs was cited and even illustrated in web pages. Rather than being the real deal, this was a homemade CD-R mastered from a tape copy of the original LP with 3 more tracks from circulating acetates tacked onto the end, the artwork having been recreated from a b/w photograph of the original record. 

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