Company: Contra Band Music 

matrix: 3571 A / 3571 B

release date: October, 1972

country: USA




2. SHE'S A WOMAN (intro only) :04

3. BABY'S IN BLACK (incomplete) 2:10

4. George intro I FEEL FINE 2:00

5. George intro YESTERDAY 1:29

6. John intro NOWHERE MAN 2:17

7. Paul intro I'M DOWN 2:22




9. announcer's intro I'M A LOSER 2:25

10. BOYS 2:08

11. HEY JUDE 7:31

12. count-in REVOLUTION 3:39  


sound quality: G-mono


1 to 7: Munich, Circus-Krone-Bau, June 24, 1966

8 to 10: ABC TV "Shindig'', January 20, 1965 (F-mono)

11: NBC TV "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour'', October 6, 1968

12: NBC TV "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour'', October 13, 1968 


This record features the first appearance of part of the Munich concert. Some tracks on Side B also made their first appearance on this release. Tracks 11 and 12 derive from the tape which was also used for LIVE IN NASSAU. All of the tracks appear here for the first time.


1. October, 1972 (photo above). CBM took particular care in the production of this record, even preparing the orange labels with track listings, which was quite unusual for this company. The insert was printed in black or blue ink, and it had an additional rubber stamp with song titles. The pressing is good quality vinyl.

2. November, 1972. When the company run out of the orange labels with song titles they used generic labels, retaining the same insert with the rubber stamp.

3. December, 1972. This version had the insert printed in orange-red ink, adding the track listing that was rubber stamped in the previous releases. They kept on using the generic labels, occasionally with C/D indications.

4. January, 1973. Beginning in January, 1973 the company added the CBM "disc" logo to the insert. This issue had grey generic labels

1973. Throughout 1973 CBM repressed the record using the various labels that they'd use throughout the year. Those illustrated here are respectively from spring, 1973 (the top two) and  September / October, 1973 (bottom). The insert was usually printed in black or blue, and in summer, 1973 folder-type yellow sleeves were also used.

1974. CBM replaced the "disc" logo with the "pirate" in the insert and added the matrix number 3571 A/B on the bottom right. The inserts were printed with black or blue ink. Various labels were used, varying according to the month the record was pressed. Shown here is a pressing released in January, 1974, with a white label showing the pirate illustration in red and the  original brown inner sleeve. Another copy has a yellow label with the pirate logo in black, and was released in summer, 1974. The early 1974 releases had the jacket with the "J. Fish" drawing printed on the back.

1975 and 1976. These repressings had progressively poorer quality. They often had blank labels, whereas those from 1976 were distributed with a red label with the pirate design.

INTEREST. The first pressing is scarce and of course is quite interesting for collectors (***). The 1973 releases maintain a relative interest and have a good quality pressing (**). The subsequent pressings in poor vinyl have little interest (*).


In 1975 this record was counterfeited by JL Records. The blue-printed jacket reproduced the original insert with the pirate logo and the catalogue number JL 514 added in the lower left corner. The record has blank labels, matrix JL 514 A / JL 514 B.

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