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Label: Contra Band Music (CBM)


see DON'T PASS ME BY for track listing.

stampers used for side A:

A: CBM 2A;

B: CBM 2A2;

C: 3316 A2

stampers used for side B:

A: CBM 2B;

B: CBM 2B RI 3316 B;

C: 3316 B2


The stampers for type C reproduce all seven Christmas records.


The first disc of the double LP bootleg DON'T PASS ME BY was released as a single LP titled COMPLETE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION 1963-69. Several issues of this have been seen, more probably exist.


1. March to Summer, 1973. Stampers A/A. The earliest insert was a full size green and red. Later inserts had a reduced size and were printed on pink paper. Generic A/B labels of different types and color were used depending on the month of manufacture. This LP, which contains the Jethro Tull track, appeared on some dealers' lists as BEST OF THE BEATLES AND JETHRO TULL. However, such a title was never used on any insert cover. The labels of the first release either had the letters A / B in upper or lower case, in the latter case yellow for side A, light blue for side B.


                                                                                1b. summer 1973

2. Late 1973. This used the same insert as 1a with stampers B/A and labels as 1b. These were in light blue, and came from a different pressing plant than #1, with the label area of disc having 2 rings at 12 and 32 mm from the central hole, or blank label, label area of disc with one ring at 31 mm from the hole.


3. Early 1974. This used stampers B/B with the same insert as 1a and monochromatic red or white blank labels.


4. Late 1974. This pressing used stampers C/C. It had the same insert as #3, with a monochromatic green label with black pirate.


5. Mid / late 1975. This had the same stampers as #4, with the same insert in reduced size as 1b, printed on green paper. For this one, we have a yellow label with small Godzilla drawing. 


6. Mid / late 1975. Again, the same stampers as #4 with a red and black insert and red King Kong label.


7. Early 1976. Once again, the same stampers as #with a monochromatic red insert and red label with black pirate.

INTEREST. A limited interest, mainly regarding the first pressings. ***/*

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