2-LP set
Company: Contra Band Music
Matrix Number: YS-A1 / YS B 2 / YSC-3 / YS D4 all sides with small scratches
Release Date: March,1974

Country: USA


1. PEPPERLAND (with narration) 1:39

2. dialogue and incidental music YELLOW SUBMARINE 2:36

3. incidental music ELEANOR RIGBY  2:05

4. dialogue and incidental music  LOVE YOU TO (incomplete) 0:36

5. dialogue and incidental music A DAY IN  THE LIFE (incomplete) 0:23

6. dialogue ALL TOGETHER NOW (incomplete) 1:15 dialogue


7. dialogue and incidental music WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR 2:28

8. dialogue and incidental music NOWHERE MAN 2:41

9. dialogue and incidental music LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS 3:01

10. dialogue YELLOW SUBMARINE (incomplete) 0:18

11. dialogue YELLOW SUBMARINE IN PEPPERLAND (with dialogue) 0:23


12. dialogue THINK FOR YOURSELF (incomplete) 0:08

13. dialogue and incidental music SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND 1:51

14. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (incomplete) 0:23

15. dialogue and incidental music ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (edit, with dialogue) 2:42


16. dialogue BABY YOUR'RE A RICH MAN (incomplete, with dialogue) 0:23

17. dialogue and incidental music IT'S ALL TOO MUCH 2:31

18. Beatles dialogue ALL TOGETHER NOW (edit) 1:10

SOUND QUALITY: VG-mono (surface noise)
Complete “Yellow Submarine’’ soundtrack


This 2 LP set contained the soundtrack of the U.S. version of Yellow Submarine. Two rarities were featured here: a short a cappella Think For Yourself (recorded at EMI on November 8, 1965) and an edited It’s All Too Much which included an extra verse not available on the officially released version. Both of these tracks have subsequently appeared in more complete form in the eighties.


1. March 1974 (photo below the title). The first issue of this record was released with a blank white label, usually one of these had faint reddish dots, probably used to differentiate the two records, and the inner sleeve was in brown paper. The cartoon by J. Fish was printed on the back cover, and the slipsheet with a drawing by D'Anunzio was black printed on yellow paper.

1974. The records pressed in early summer, 1974 had green labels with black pirate and the insert was printed in "rainbow" colors. The jacket had again the J. Fish cartoon.


1975-1976. The same insert was used in 1975 and 1976 for the further pressings. In early 1975 the records had the King Kong and the small Godzilla labels, these last were used for the second record, with Side 3 and Side 4 indications. Other copies however had the King Kong labels on both the records, and in late 1975 the records had white blank labels. In 1976 the last reissue had the red label with black pirate.


INTEREST. All the Cinelogues were much sought-after when they first appeared, since it was possible to have the recording of the films. The first pressing has a good value for collectors (***) the repressing are less useful (**/*).