Company: Crabapple records

Matrix number: ARC 700518 A / ARC 700518 B (scratched); peace symbol (side A) CRABAPPLE 001 (side B)

Release date: May, 1970

Country: USA

Side A

1. SHE LOVES YOU (edited) 2:50

2. FROM ME TO YOU  (edited) Paul outro 2:35

3. TWIST AND SHOUT (edited) 3:36

4. THIS BOY  (edited) Paul outro 3:06



Side B

6. Paul intro I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (edited) 3:02

7. PLEASE PLEASE ME (edited) 3:11

8. Paul intro ALL MY LOVING (edited) 2:51


Sound quality: G to VG, mono


1, 2, 4, 6, 8: CBS TV "Ed Sullivan Show", Feb. 16, 1964

3, 7: CBS TV "Ed Sullivan Show", Feb. 23, 1964

5, 9: CBS TV "Ed Sullivan Show", Feb. 9, 1964


This was the first bootleg to feature the "Ed Sullivan Show" recordings. All of the tracks, except 5 and 9, have been artificially lengthened, with verses repeated. Moreover, the intros and outros were also edited - sometimes even moved to different places. The intro to track 1, for example, duplicates the outro of track 4. This heavy editing was meant to produce very different versions from the officially released studio tracks; it was very professionally done, the edit points being nearly imperceptible. Regardless of the editing, this is one of the most interesting of all the early Beatles bootlegs. The same lengthened tracks also appear on a later, much more common album, RENAISSANCE MINSTRELS VOLUME 1.



There is only one pressing, on blank labels, with a rubber-stamped title in red ink and an insert featuring some notes by the bootleggers, double-sided printed on green paper, and a fingerprint, probably of the bootlegger. The stampers had the master matrix numbers deeply scratched and almost unreadable, replaced by the "peace" symbol on side A and CRABAPPLE 001 on side B (very shallowly written, clearly either written on the mothers or the stampers). However, a small hand-written sticker on the back cover reports the original matrix numbers, ARC 700518. The numbers might refer to the date when the masters were cut, thus May 18, 1970.

INTEREST. This is an extremely rare item, which was never mentioned in any discography, and is also highly interesting from the historical point of view. *****

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